The year of 2020 COVID-19 has affected our lives in many ways, and will continue to do so within the next few months or when we figure out how to get a vaccine to get rid of the virus. Until such an occasion the best way to fight this pandemic is to keep yourself informed. Is fundamentally important that you always keep up with hygiene, always wear  a face mask (if you are out in public), and keep your distance away from others. Only go out when necessary and avoid being in crowded areas. The link below is connected to the CDC live update channel for COVID-19. Please stay informed and continue to be safe.

           Here in Galiz Research your health is the most important to us. We follow strictly all the guidelines set up by the CDC to make sure everyone is safe when participating in our trials.

We prioritize your health by doing the following: 

  • Scheduling your appointment in a timely matter so the main area is not crowded. 

  •  Patients are required to wear mask to be able to enter the office space. 

  •  Their temperature will be taken at the front desk, along with a questionnaire. 

  • Lastly you will be requested to wash your hands before continuing forward. 

These are the guidelines we follow to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy. If you have ever have any questions regarding our steps please contact us. Lets do our part to make sure we get through this together. 

- A message from the Galiz Research



For any other questions or concerns: 

Main Office 

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Office : (305) 805-0921

Fax: (786) 717-7312


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